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How to Choose Gold Smelting Flux

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Before gold and other precious metals can be converted into jewelries and used for […]

How to Refine Gold: 2 Major Techniques of Gold Refining Process

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Why do we need to refine gold?
The answer is very simple: We cannot use […]

Gold Application – What is Gold Used for

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So, what happens after you have mined, processed, and refined or purified your gold? […]

How to Identify Gold: 13 Ways Tell You If Gold Is Real and Avoid Fake Gold

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“Gold is the corpse of value”… Neal Stephenson.

The above quote is a simple yet […]

The Most Effective Gold Bar Casting Method

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It is generally believed that the quality of a gold bar depends entirely on […]

2017 Shenzhen jewelry exhibition

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2017 Shenzhen jewelry exhibition will be held on September 14-18 at the Shenzhen Convention […]

Superbmelt’s outdoor outreach activities

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In order to enhance the cohesion of our team, we cultivate team members’ hard-working […]

Explaining Different Gold Melting Methods

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Whether you are a goldsmith, a jeweler or just an ordinary person who has […]

Medium frequency power supply PLC operation of induction furnace

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Basic Operation Steps of the Power Unit:

Connect the external power, and turn on […]

Difference between Gold Smelting Equipment and Gold Melting Machine

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Gold melting and smelting are metallurgical procedures you can use to concentrate and recover […]

The comparison of gold smelters between induction and Resistance type

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If you have requirement about melting time and long time working, the induction heating furnace is the best choice...

10 benefits of vacuum jewelry casting machine

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Gold/silver vacuum jewelry casting machine is designed for jewellery castings. This machine is designed […]